Threat Management for Phone Threats
Phone threats are hard to prove, some employees work with processes where extra anti-threat protection is necessary to create a safe and sustainable work environment. A phone threat management system can provide the right solution.
High risk groups: government officials and journalists
Statistics show that officials in the police and in social departments have the highest exposure to threats. Governmental organizations use call recording as a tool to fight threats against officials and politicians on the phone.
Phone threat management system
In a typical governmental case call recording is initiated by the employee by pressing a button on the phone. In this case the whole call, from beginning to the end is saved to a vault in a safe datacenter somewhere in the organization. The recorded calls are used strictly for legal protection purposes, and access is often protected by four eyes policies.
The Solution for unified threat management
The Recording System can record all calls in the background, all the time. The solution is very like black boxes on airplane that delete images within a day. This solution includes features that makes sure that even conflicting security and privacy requirements can be properly resolved.

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