Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology

help significantly improve customer support

Self Help Recording also called as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology can help significantly improve customer support.

Interactive Voice provides automated response service capabilities by enabling customers to use the keys on a touch-tone phone to access information, such as bank account balances, flight arrival and departure times, and package delivery status.

This capability is provided by using a pre-recorded human voice stored on a computer hard drive, or by using text-to-speech technologies. These pre-recorded options are accessed via customizable touch-tone dialing (DTMF) phone menus.

Some systems offer a self-service option that includes an unlimited number of phone menu options such as playing a message, routing an interaction to a queue, sending a fax, opening a sub-menu, and other features.

Systems can vary in scalability, from several ports for a single location, to thousands of ports suitable for multiple centers or even carrier networks.

Industry analysts report that interactive applications can significantly reduce the cost of supporting customer interactions if advanced speech software is used to more flexibly support complex interactions, such as helping callers complete applications, scheduling service requests, providing technical support, and handling financial transactions. Some studies show that a company migrating from touch-tone to ASR experiences up to a 15 to 20 percent gain in un-assisted call completions. Below is a list of vendors who can implement an integrated self-service system for your business.

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