Recording Calls is a call recording and quality management solution for combine communications platforms. Utilized at leading financial institutions, security companies, share markets, Travel Agencies and back offices, helps organizations in better way to manage risk and compliance, and it also develops quality assurance and increase productivity to enhance their business.’s call recording enables you to disregard potential threats to the believe ability of your brand and your values by identifying and rectifying ambiguities such as false claims by the customer or inefficient customer handling by the agent.Call recording is ideal for any business that demands next-¬gen functionality and customizability. Our Call recording solution records all calls (as configured) to be scanned later for useful quality and presentation data, thereby confirming better service quality and advanced buyer fulfillment.
Enhanced Protection
1. Multi-level access control allows organization to define who can access what, and what actions they can take and change log history
2. Recorded call protection and access control come standard
3. Single-sign-on support
4. Based on open industry standards including AES, HTTPS and SSL/TLS

Automatic Recording of All Calls
• Records all incoming/outgoing calls routed from analog, digital and VoIP lines. You can schedule the logging duration for trunk and extension lines, and restrict recording of certain phone calls e.g. personal calls. It automatically records all incoming/outgoing calls.

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