Aniceya Voice Logger offers its clients a bit of mind realizing that they can depend on Aniceya to give the astounding help they require, when they require it. Our help gives associations a chance to reduce the stresses of framework upkeep and rather concentrate on accomplishing their business objectives. Our upkeep and support mirror our progressing sense of duty regarding filling in as a put stock in asset for our clients.
At Aniceya we are committed to making excellent connections by conveying quality correspondence arrangements. We are continually searching for approaches to keep pace with our clients’ advancing needs. Aniceya Advances gives proficient and financially savvy support benefits and additionally the most recent programming moves up to guarantee that our answers are completely operational and up and coming. Our help administrations are given in English and Hindi.
With the business scenes consistently changing close by the more current and better advancements, application upkeep can demonstrate very difficult.

  • Our upkeep offerings
  • Our support offerings

Our upkeep offerings here in under incorporate the accompanying

  1. Technical help desk support
  2. Fault analysis
  3. Upgrades and Patches
  4. Code review
  5. Testing
  6. Documentation maintenance
  7. Application Enhancements
  8. (SLA) Service Level Agreements based support services
  9. 12×6 support & maintenance of application systems

Our support offerings here in under include the following

  • Problem management
  • Enhancement support
  • Implementation support
  • Change management
  • Service level management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Application maintenance
  • Production support
  • 12×6 support & maintenance of application systems

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