Modern Stock Broker Trading Software Platform

Technology has changed the electronic trading industry immensely over the last 10 years. Stockbrokers & brokerage firms now need access to a new tool set which is scalabale & data agnostic, yet cost effective.

Aniceya’s latest release introduces an all new Post-Trade verification system which enables stockbroking & trading firms centrally operate & manage multiple branch offices & franchise setups. It also allows individual brokers & brokerage firms to achieve multiple compliances & avoid trade disputes compleately.

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Features & USPs

SEBI Compliant

CRM/CTI Integration

Access Control Management

Data Archival & Retrieval

Time stamped & Watermarked Recordings

Custom Alert Notifications

Centralized Monitoring & Data-sync

Automatically Record all Incoming & Outgoing Trade Calls

Add Custom Tags to each call recording

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