Powerful search result lists with features like ordering, paging, one-click action for playback, download, delete, etc.
Timeline Viewer
The timeline viewer provides user friendly data visualization method with enhanced controls like scrolling, zooming, filtering and highlighting.

The feature-rich web based user interface provides the searching and listing functionalities.
Multi-User logins and Fine-grained privileged access
In the Aniceya.io Recording System every user can access information according to their control configuration.
Multiple users can login to the browser interface at different access levels with defined or administrative rights. Customize roles and define user rights, such as playback, live monitoring, administration, and resources access.
Search parameters and custom fields
End-users can easily define search queries including any Meta data fields like:
1. call start date and time,
2. call duration,
3. calling party name and number,
4. called party name and number,
5. Comments and more…
Additionally, customers can configure custom fields to capture any relevant information about the calls.
Easy navigation in search results

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