Increase customer satisfaction and improve agent performance
Organizations from all around world are seeking to improve their business through increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance in their industry. Performance and Quality Management system helps to:

  • make sure that defined quality standards for each interaction are met
  • determine and evaluate agent performance
  • Evaluate level of customer satisfaction
  • Identify customer needs and expectations
  • categorize training needs for individual agents

Flexible selection of interactions for evaluation and scoring

  1. Project based framework
  2. Option for group/agent based call selection
  3. Mathematically and statistically correct arbitrary selection
  4. Configurable access control for supervisors
  5. Score categorization settings
  6. Interactions for scoring are automatically presented for the supervisors in the project
  7. Integrated Voice logger with all the features including enhanced playback controls, markers, etc.
  8. superintendent calibration

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