Agami-Tech offers voice recorder module, an in-house product named as that comes with compliance and business security as priority. This platform provides comprehensive call recording technology and adapts to unique operational requirements of any business easily. is a flexible solution that can seamlessly integrate with the existing organizational environment of its clients. It can be deployed in a variety of configurations while scaling from a single site system to a distributed multi-site environment. The solution extends up to offering features like live supervision, user friendly interface, user and access management, graphical representation of data and many more. Call Recording Software -based provider of call recording and workforce optimization solutions. Our customers include organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-site contact centres and cloud-based environments. software solutions portfolio includes award-winning call recording and quality monitoring products for share market, VoIP service providers, travel agencies, financial institutions, and other businesses that need to improve workforce performance and enhance customer experience. delivers a powerful combination of easy management, high reliability, and rich functionality at affordable price.

Why choose Software Solutions?

  • Easy to install –Within a day
  • All-in-one Voice logger, analyser and reporting solution (includes Call Recording, Agent Evaluation, Live Monitoring, Reporting, Screen Capture) with Multi-tenant architecture support.
  • No hidden costs – straightforward and flexible licensing options
  • Excellent support – accompanied by responsive and professional technical support
  • Innovation – based on innovative and open technologies

Who all can use

  • Companies dealing in Sales.
  • Companies dealing with Customer Service& Customer Representative.
  • Companies dealing in Call center/ Contact Center.
  • Large Scale business where training is conducted for process improvement and used for multi users.
  • Education centers may use it for training purpose

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