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Strong security features that ensure only authorized personnel scan through the voice logs and tempering that can be recognized.

Browser Based Login

Online web based access to voice logs with comprehensive reporting facility Aniceya Voice Logger. Aniceya Voice Logger implements an easy-to-use remotely handy browser interface with full-fledged reporting features. It allows you to empower, to access the user-friendly interface from a remote PC or Laptop to monitor real-time calls.

Dashboard (Graphical Activity-Live)

View effortlessly through various statistics without going through endless menus and buttons and save up on your valuable time. This shows Total call count, Incoming / Outgoing call count, connectivity ratio,… etc

Monitoring (Live)

Aniceya Live Monitoring allows you to check whether a user is on call or not. It provides the supervisor real-time graphic status of each agent. You can define a few or all agent for voice records and capture the screen goings-on. You’ll find the software interface very suitable and useful while auditing recorded conversations.

Multi-Tenancy Support

With a distributed Aniceya Architecture, Multi tenancy allows end user a seamless experience with centralized reporting and archival for all locations.


Aniceya provides the ability to incrementally add more capacity on a server with preplanned specifications.

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